Firewood Delivery and Pickup

Firewood Delivery Toronto

Minimum Order

$200 + HST

September 15-February 28

We deliver to central Toronto as well as Oakville and Thornhill. East of the DVP, occasionally.

February 28-September 14

Limited to Central Toronto, east of Dixie Rd, south of Sheppard, west of the DVP.


When you check out, you can let us know whether you want the wood stacked in a specific place in your property or if you'd like us to leave it in a pile somewhere.  


Our stacked rates are based on wheelbarrow-accessible deliveries. Surcharges may apply for exceptional situations such as large flights of stairs, zones outside of rolling area, split loads, etc. (e.g. Stairs up or down usually $25 per flight.)
Please contact us if you are unsure whether additional charges apply to your order.

Toronto Firewood Near Me
From Monday to Friday 9am-4pm you can pick-up your order only if you placed it online first. 
At this time, only 1/2 Face or 1 Face Mixed Hardwood are available for pick-up.